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ARES Parliamentarian Position

Position Announcement



The Parliamentarian is responsible for maintaining order at the annual meeting, including monitoring the flow of actions coming before the board and the membership to ensure compliance with the Constitution and By-Laws of ARES. 

Required Duties:

The Parliamentarian also chairs the Governance Committee and has numerous associative duties in that role which are specified in this description.:

  1. Maintaining order at the annual meeting of the members.
  2. Overseeing the elections of officers and Board members at the annual meeting.
  3. Approving any questionable or controversial action before it is presented to the Board of Directors and the membership to ensure that it is submitted and voted on in compliance with the Constitution and By-Laws of ARES.
  4. Chairing the Governance committee involved in maintaining the procedures and leadership of ARES,
  5. Reviewing proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws to insure they do not conflict with existing provisions between and across the two documents.
  6. Proposing amendments, through the Governance Committee, as may be useful to good governance to the governing documents of the Society.
  7. Maintaining, along and in cooperation with the Secretary, current copies of the Constitution and By-Laws.
  8. Providing an electronic copy of the current Constitution and/or the By-Laws upon request from any officer or member of the Society
  9. Annually review, and update when necessary, the Description of Duties and Responsibilities for all appointed officers of the Society. This will be done with the input and assistance of both the Executive Director and the current appointed officer. It is expected that the Description for each position will evolve positively with this process.
  10. In association with the President Elect work with appointed officers and committee chairs to establish and articulate their respective objectives for the upcoming year. And, with the President Elect, unobtrusively and constructively, monitor the progress of the officers and committees in achieving those objectives on an ongoing basis. It is expected that goals will be articulated in a committee charge or broadly in the Description of Duties and Responsibilities of appointed officers. The President Elect and Parliamentarian will assist, if desired, in developing measurable objectives for those goals.

The term of this position is 5 years, renewable by mutual agreement with the ARES Board Executive committee.

A vice chair or co-chair should be sought to assure continuity and institutional memory.


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