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10 Great Reasons to Join ARES
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  1. Impressive Array of Publications. This is the number one membership Benefit, The Society publishes six referred journals: the Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER), Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management (JREFM), Journal of Real Estate Literature (JREL), Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education (JREPE), Journal of Housing Research (JHR), and most recently, the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE). The JRER is the organization’s flagship journal and is a highly respected, rigorous research outlet for top scholars in the field. In addition, hard-bound monographs are published regularly and focus on key topics and issues of interest to industry decision-makers and academics.
  2. World-class Meetings on World-class Water. World-class water has been the hallmark of ARES annual meetings. Kudos to Art Schwartz, the meeting planner for ARES, who apparently has a secret formula that connects affordability with world-class water. Of course, water alone is not attractive enough for the thought leaders around the globe to meet and share insights at one place. The friendly collegial atmosphere, and the fresh and powerful ideas are as predictable features of the ARES annual meetings as the world-class water.
  3. Openness. ARES is open and friendly to both academic and industry researchers, educators, graduates of both elite schools and universities for the common man, research veterans and newcomers, and both U.S. and international researchers/educators. The selection of its leadership follows an absolutely open process. Those who have attended the membership meetings in the past can attest that the program chair, who then becomes president elect and president of the Society, is not prearranged. Nominations are open to anybody on the floor and the voting and counting are done immediately.
  4. Thought Leadership. While ARES has not been able to attract every single thought leader in the real estate arena to participate in its annual meetings and publish in its journals, the membership represents a wellrespected cross section of the talent in the real estate research and education community. The Society has contributed mightily to the advancement of theories and research methods, has served as a vital A SUPPLEMENTAL ACCOUNT OF THE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REAL ESTATE SOCIETY 239 repository for research literature, and is critical for disseminating fresh and creative ideas in every vital area of real estate research and education.
  5. Industry Connection. The founders of the Society recognized the importance of an industry connection from day one. Industry is a major source of membership, leadership, and funding for the Society, as well as the ARES Foundation. Major trade associations and leading real estate companies are premium members. Many creative industry  researchers have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the Society and made major contributions to the research literature and advancements of real estate education curricula at colleges and universities throughout the world.
  6. International Reach. ARES members also benefit from the ‘‘sister societies’’ who have strong connections with ARES.
    They are the International Real Estate Society (IRES, the umbrella organization for all the society organizations worldwide), the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES), European Real Estate Society (ERES), Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES), African Real Estate Society (AfRES), Latin American Real Estate Society (LARES), and Middle Eastern North African Real Estate Society (MENRES). Through the Internet and annual sister society meetings in locations on five continents, researchers and educators (over 4,000 worldwide) are now networked together and collaborate on a regular basis.
  7. Manuscript, Published Papers, and Service Awards. There are 20 manuscript prizes for the best papers presented at each annual meeting and two best paper prizes for manuscripts published in JRER and JREPM. Moreover, additional new awards ($5,000 and $10,000) are being awarded by the JRER to recognize significant research studies published in that journal. And finally, ARES annually presents numerous service awards that recognize individuals for a wide variety of contributions to ARES and to thought leadership.
  8. James R. Webb ARES Foundation. The James R. Webb ARES Foundation has funded many worthwhile endeavors that extend the reach of the Society including annual funding for over 20 doctoral students, and other educators and researchers who are developing real estate curricula and research programs in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, and other developing regions of the world.
  9. Doctoral Seminar. Every year, doctoral students during their final year of study are invited to participate in the Annual Meeting with funding from the James R. Webb ARES Foundation. This event has become a tradition of the Society and attracts doctoral candidates from universities throughout the world.
  10. Sound Finances. With able fundraisers and generous contributions from members, ARES has always been sound with its finances. With substantial reserves, ARES is in an excellent position to fund its future growth in membership and expansion of activities and thought leadership influence throughout the world.

Our Mission

To research and promote education in real estate, improve communication and exchange of information in real estate and allied matters among college/university faculty and practicing professionals, and facilitate the association of academic, practicing professional, and research persons in the area of real estate.

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