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2017 Manuscript Prize Winners
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Category #1 – Apartments
“Anticipating Apartment Occupancy Rates from Real Estate Cycle Data”
By: Richard D. Evans (University of Memphis), Glenn R. Mueller (University of Denver), Andrew G. Mueller (University of Denver), and Shawn Massey

Category #2 – Marc Louargand Award, Best Research Paper by a Practicing Professional
“How Much Do U.S. Households Know About Qualifying for a Mortgage?”
By: Michael LaCour-Little (Fannie Mae) 

Category #3 – CoStar Data
“Walmart and Urban Land Prices: Friend or Foe?"
By: Barrett Slade (Brigham Young University)

Category #4 – Housing
“The Impact of Sharpe Ratio in Homeownership: A Millennial Issue”
By: Sergio Garate (Penn State University)

Category #5 – Industrial Real Estate
No Award Given.

Category #6 – Innovative Thinking Out of the Box
“ Quality of Life and Earnings Management: Do Firms at Less Desirable Locations Manipulate Earnings More Aggressively?”
By: Desmond Tsang (McGill University) and Jing Zhang (University of Alabama)

Category #7 – Mixed Use Properties
“Innovation Districts at the Crossroads of the Entrepreneurial City and the Sustainable City”
By: Dustin C. Read (Virginia Tech University)

Category #8 – Office Buildings/Office Parks
“Idiosyncratic Risk and Localized Sentiment, Comparing Professional and Medical Office Cap Rate Variations and Spreads over the Cycle”
By: Brent C. Smith (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Category #9 – Property/Asset Management
“Real Estate Investment and Management Strategies in German-Speaking Countries”
By: Michael C. Truebestein (Lucerne University)

Category #10 – Real Estate Brokerage/Agency
“Bargaining, Financing, and Asset Prices: The Case of Real Estate”
By: Zhenguo Lin (Florida International University), Xun Bian (Longwood University), and Yingchun Liu (University of North Texas)

Category #11 – Real Estate Cycles
“Oil Prices and Urban Housing Demand”
By: William Larsen (Federal Housing Finance Agency) and Weihua Zhao (University of Louisville)

Category #12 – Real Estate Education
No Award Given.

Category #13 – Real Estate Finance
“Are REIT Investors Overly Optimistic after Equity Offerings? Evidence from Analyst Forecast Errors”
By: Elizabeth Devos (Eastern Michigan University), Erik Devos (University of Texas at El Paso), Seow Eng Ong (National University of Singapore), and Andrew Spieler (Hofstra University)

Category #14 – Real Estate Investment
“Smart Beta and Real Estate Investments: Performance and Risk”
By: G. Stacy Sirmans (Florida State University), Corbitt Stace Sirmans (University of Arkansas), and Mariya Letdin (Florida State University)

Category #15 – Real Estate Investment Trusts
“Investors' Limited Attention: Evidence from REITs”
By: David M. Harrison (University of Central Florida), Mahsa Khoshnoud (University of Central Florida), and Honghui Chen (University of Central Florida)

Category #16 – Real Estate Market Analysis
“Revisiting the Houe Price-Income Relationship”
By: Martin Hoesli (University of Geneva), Steven Bourassa (Florida Atlantic University), Elias Oikarinen (University of Turku), and Janne Engblom (University of Turku)

Category #17 – Real Estate Portfolio Management
“Options Trading and REIT Returns”
By: George D. Cashman (Marquette University), David M. Harrison (University of Central Florida), and Hainan Sheng (University of Northern Iowa)

Category #18 – Real Estate Valuation
“Property Renovations and Their Impact on House Price Index Construction and Loan Performance Outcomes”
By: William M. Doerner (Federal Housing Finance Agency) and Alexander Bogin (Federal Housing Finance Agency)

Category #19 – Seniors Housing
No Award Given.

Category #20 – Spatial Analytics/GIS Applications
“The Density of Gas Stations and the Type of Traffic - Commuting, Convenience, and Retail”
By: Anthony Pennington-Cross (Marquette University) and Kyle Koller (Jones Lang LaSalle)

Category #21 – Sustainable Real Estate
“Residential Diffusion Indices for LEED, Energy Star, and the National Green Building Standard”
By: Spenser J. Robinson (Central Michigan University), Andrew Sanderford (Arizona State University), and Elizabeth Cameron (Central Michigan University)


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