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2016 Manuscript Prize Winners
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2016 Manuscript Prize Winners

On behalf of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) and our entire leadership team, it is my pleasure to announce the winners of our 2016 Manuscript Prize Competition.  This year, more than 230 papers were presented at our 32nd Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.  153 of these were subsequently revised and nominated/submitted for consideration as a “Best Paper” recipient in one of our 21 distinct prize categories.  Submissions in each prize category were then evaluated by an expert panel of judges with unique knowledge of that area.  In each prize category, feedback was sought from at least 3 judges, with several categories requiring multiple rounds of evaluation to determine an ultimate winner.  I would like to thank this year’s manuscript prize sponsors, as well as all of you who served as judges, for your tremendous support and work on behalf of ARES.  In my opinion, the quality of the submissions was excellent, and the competition across many of the categories was incredibly close.  We are very proud of this year’s slate of winning papers – it is quite possibly the best set of collective research ever recognized by our annual prize committee.  Without further ado, your 2016 ARES Manuscript Prize Award recipients are:

Category #1 – Apartments
“Micro-Housing as Urban Development Model in a Shared Economy”
By: Bing Wang (Harvard University)

Category #2 – Marc Louargand Award, Best Research Paper by a Practicing Professional
“Grocery-Anchored Retail Centers: Are Investors Checking Off the Items on Their List?”
By: Will McIntosh (USAA Real Estate Company), Mark Fitzgerald (USAA Real Estate Company), and John Kirk (USAA Real Estate Company)

Category #3 – CoStar Data
“What’s Really Happening With Apartment Rents
By: Andrew Florance (CoStar), Jay Spivey (CoStar), John Affleck (CoStar), and Robert Jennings (CoStar)

Category #4 – Housing
“Statutory Right of Redemption and its Influence on Mortgage Outcomes”
By: Shuang Zhu (Kansas State University) and R. Kelley Pace (Louisiana State University)

Category #5 – Industrial Real Estate
“Transportation, Oil Futures, and Industrial Real Estate Valuations”
By: Sherwood Clements (University of Alabama), Alan Tidwell (Columbus State University), and Alan J. Ziobrowski (Georgia State University)

Category #6 – Innovative Thinking Out of the Box
“High Frequency House Price Indexes with Scarce Data”
By: Steven C. Bourassa (Florida Atlantic University) and Martin Hoesli (University of Geneva)

Category #7 – Mixed Use Properties
“Valuation of Mixed-Use Development Sites”
By: Kwame Addae-Dapaah (University College London)

Category #8 – Office Buildings/Office Parks
“Forecasting Real Estate Cycle Risks in Portfolios of Office Properties Across Cities”
By: Richard D. Evans (University of Memphis) and Andrew G. Mueller (Colorado State University)

Category #9 – Property/Asset Management
“Working Effectively with Asset Managers and Institutional Owners in the Multifamily Housing Industry”
BY: Dustin C. Read (Virginia Tech), Erin Hopkins (Virginia Tech), and Rosemary Carruci Goss (Virginia Tech)

Category #10 – Real Estate Brokerage/Agency
“Licensure, Agency Costs, and Performance in the Real Estate Market: Evidence from Agent-owned Properties”
By: Geoffrey K. Turnbull (University of Central Florida), Bennie D. Waller (Longwood University), and Scott A. Wentland (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Category #11 – Real Estate Cycles
“Is the 2007-09 Housing Crisis a ‘Correction’ to the Market?”
By: Zhenguo Lin (Florida International University), Laura Yue Liu (California State University at Fullerton), and Jing Yang (California State University at Fullerton)

Category #12 – Real Estate Education
“Teaching Sustainability in Graduate Real Estate Education”
By: Annette Kampf-Dern ( HafenCity University Hamburg) and Katja Roether (HafenCity University Hamburg)

Category #13 – Real Estate Finance
“Mortgage Loss Given Default: Loss on Sale and Lost Time”
By: Ben Le (Edgewood College) and Anthony Pennington-Cross (Marquette University)

Category #14 – Real Estate Investment
“Cure Rates on Defaulted Junior Lien Mortgage Debt”
By: Michael LaCour-Little (California State University, Fullerton), Kimberly F. Luchtenberg (East Carolina University), and Michael J. Seiler (The College of William and Mary)

Category #15 – Real Estate Investment Trusts
“Decomposition of Debt and the Road to REIT Returns”
By: Linda Allen (Baruch College) and Mariya Letdin (Florida State University)

Category #16 – Real Estate Market Analysis
“Missing the Mark: Choosing a Local House Price Index and its Consequence on Mortgage Valuation”
By: Alexander N. Bogin (Federal Housing Finance Agency), William M. Doerner (Federal Housing Finance Agency), and William D. Larson (Federal Housing Finance Agency)

Category #17 – Real Estate Portfolio Management
“Cross-Border Investment and Firm Liquidity”
By: George D. Cashman (Marquette University), David M. Harrison (University of Central Florida), Michael J. Seiler (The College of William and Mary), and Hainan Sheng (Texas Tech University)

Category #18 – Real Estate Valuation
“Golf Course Design and Real Estate Values – The Impact of Cart Path Routing on Condominium Prices”
By: Steve P. Fraser (Florida Gulf Coast University) and Marcus T. Allen (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Category #19 – Seniors Housing
“Land Leverage and Mortgage Default: Implications for the Aging Baby Boom Generation”
By: Thomas G. Noordewier (University of Vermont) and David M. Harrison (University of Central Florida)

Category #20 – Spatial Analytics/GIS Applications
“Spillover Effects of Geographically Dependent Macroeconomic Variables on REIT Liquidity”
By: Chongyu Wang (University of Connecticut), Jeffrey P. Cohen (University of Connecticut), and John L. Glascock (University of Connecticut)

Category #21 – Sustainable Real Estate
“Green Tenancies: A Luxury Good for Commercial Real Estate Occupiers”
By: Jeremy Gabe (University of South Australia)

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