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Manuscript Winner Archive
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2018 Manuscript Prize Winners


Category #1 – Apartments
“Sentiments & Commercial Loans”
By: Prashant Das (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland) and Julia Freybote (Florida International University)

Category #2 – Marc Louargand Award, Best Research Paper by a Practicing Professional
“Credit Risk of Low Income Mortgages”
By: Hamilton Fout (Fannie Mae), Grace Li (SunTrust Bank), Mark Palim (Fannie Mae), and Ying Pan (Fannie Mae) 

Category #3 – CoStar Data
“The Impact of School Quality Vectors on Multifamily Housing"
By: Spenser J. Robinson (Central Michigan University), Jeremy Gabe (University of Auckland), Andrew Sanderford (University of Arizona), and Emily M. O'Halloran (Central Michigan University)

Category #4 – Housing
“Price and Trading Volume in the Housing Market”
By: Ping Cheng (Florida Atlantic University), Zhenguo (Len) Lin (Florida International University), and Yingchun Liu (University of North Texas)

Category #5 – Industrial Real Estate
No Award Given.

Category #6 – Innovative Thinking Out of the Box
“Discretionary-Based Textual Analysis in German Real Estate Market”
By: Jessica Roxanne Ruscheinsky (IREBS University of Regensburg), Katrin Kandlbinder (IREBS University of Regensburg), and Wolfgang Schaefers (IREBS University of Regensburg)

Category #7 – Mixed Use Properties
“Decision-Making Dynamics in Location Selection for Mixed-Use Resort Community Development”
By: Bing Wang (Harvard University) and Jenny Xia (Harvard University)

Category #8 – Office Buildings/Office Parks
No Award Given

Category #9 – Property/Asset Management
“A Real Game Changer in Real Estate: Blockchain”
By: Jan Veuger (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)

Category #10 – Real Estate Brokerage/Agency
“Properties that Transact At or Above Listing Price”
By: Geoffrey K. Turnbull (University of Central Florida), Bennie D. Waller (Longwood University), and Velma Zahirovic-Herbert (University of Georgia)

Category #11 – Real Estate Cycles
“Liquidity Imbalance in Residential Housing in Rising and Declining Markets”
By: Ekaterina Chernobai (California State Polytechnic University Pomona) and Tarique Hossain (California State Polytechnic University Pomona)

Category #12 – Real Estate Education
“Infusing Cultural Differences into Complex Real Estate Student Projects: An Exploratory Learning Experience”
By: Kelly A Jameson (St. Cloud State University) and Lalita Subrahmanyan (St. Cloud State University)

Category #13 – Real Estate Finance
“Does Broker Race Affect Mortgage Prices? Evidence from the Subprime Mortgage Market”
By: Brent W. Ambrose (The Pennsylvania State University), James N. Conklin (University of Georgia), and Luis A. Lopez (The Pennsylvania State University)

Category #14 – Real Estate Investment
“The Impact of Intrafirm Distance on Stock Market Liquidity”
By: George D. Cashman (Marquette University), David M. Harrison (University of Central Florida), Michael J. Seiler (College of William & Mary), and Hainan Sheng (University of Northern Iowa)

Category #15 – Real Estate Investment Trusts
“Are Overpaid Acquisitions Bad Deals? Evidence from REITs”
By: Joseph T. L. Ooi (National University of Singapore) and Fan Zhang (National University of Singapore)

Category #16 – Real Estate Market Analysis
“To Airbnb? A Question of Returns”
By: Andy Krause (Greenfield Advisors) and Gideon Aschwanden (University of Melbourne)

Category #17 – Real Estate Portfolio Management
“Sovereign Wealth Fund Real Estate Investment”
By: S. McKay Price (Lehigh University), Peng Liu (Cornell University), and Nathan Mauck (University of Missouri - Kansas City)

Category #18 – Real Estate Valuation
“Valuation Errors, Collateral Risk, and the Role of Mortgage Insurance”
By: Paul Carrillo (George Washington University), William M. Doerner (Federal Housing Finance Agency), and William Larson (Federal Housing Finance Agency)

Category #19 – Seniors Housing
“External House Price Effects of Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes”
By: Velma Zahirovic-Herbert (University of Georgia) and Karen M. Gibler (International Real Estate Society)

Category #20 – Spatial Analytics/GIS Applications
“Impact of Industrial Rezoning on Residential House Prices”
By: Jeffrey G. Robert (University of Georgia) and Velma Zahirovic-Herbert (University of Georgia)

Category #21 – Sustainable Real Estate
“Impact of Flood Zone on Residential Property Asking Price. Are People Aware of the Risk? Case of Province of Quebec”
By: Philippe Belanger (Universite Laval) and Michael Bourdeau-Brien (Universite Laval)


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