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Appointed Positions
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Christopher Manning*, Associate Executive Director 
Loyola Marymount University
  Kimberly Goodwin, Associate Executive Director
University of Southern Mississippi

Co-Editors, JRER
  Co-Editors, JREPM

Ko Wang, Editor
John Hopkins Carey Business School

Michael J. Seiler*, Co-Editor
College of William and Mary

William G. Hardin, III*, Co-Editor
Florida International University


Peng Liu
Cornell University

Greg MacKinnon
Pension Real Estate Association

Simon Stevenson
University of Washington

Co-Editors, JREL
  Co-Editors, JREPE

David M. Harrison*
University of Central Florida

Mauricio Rodriguez*
Texas Christian University


Eli Beracha
Florida International University

Reid Cummings
University of South Alabama

H. Shelton Weeks
Florida Gulf Coast University

Co-Editors, JHR   Co-Editors, JOSRE

Ken H. Johnson, Executive Editor
Florida Atlantic University

Michael Lacour-Little, Executive Editor Fannie Mae

Geoff Turnbull, Executive Editor
University of Central Florida

Justin D. Benefield, Editor
Auburn University

Kimberly Goodwin, Managing Editor,
University of Southern Mississippi

Velma Zahirovic-Herbert, Managing Editor
University of Georgia


Robert (Roby) Simons*, Editor
Cleveland State University

Pernille Christensen, Co-Editor
University of Technology, Sydney

Spenser Robinson, Co-Editor
Central Michigan University

Vivek Sah, Co-Editor
University of San Diego

Newsletter Editor    ARES Webmaster

Julia Freybote

Florida International University 

  Mark Sunderman
University of Memphis

Doctoral Seminar Director    Director of International Liaison
Elaine Worzala*
College of Charleston
  Eamonn D’Arcy
University of Reading

 Director of Placement    President, Alpha Sigma Gamma
David Funk
Roosevelt University
  Dustin Read
Virgina Tech

Elections Officer   Director, Critical Issues Seminar
Joseph D. Albert*
James Madison University
  Neil Shah
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Manager of Member Services   Executive Assistants

Diane Quarles
Clemson University


Melissa Miller
Kennedy Wilson

Adele Mancuso
Florida Atlantic University

*Past President

Updated - 07/27/2017

Our Mission

To research and promote education in real estate, improve communication and exchange of information in real estate and allied matters among college/university faculty and practicing professionals, and facilitate the association of academic, practicing professional, and research persons in the area of real estate.

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