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ARES Academic Membership Committee

Position Announcement



The number of academic members of ARES has been declining for a number of years and action is needed to not only arrest the decline but find ways to reverse it. Discovering the appropriate action is the charge of the Academic Membership Committee. This committee arguably faces the most important and critical task of any ARES committee, group, or individual. We must find success in reversing the declining academic membership and to do so requires us to find the right individual who, as chair of the academic membership committee, will spearhead this effort. 

Required Duties:

Following are some thoughts about the person we need and the task:

  1. The chairperson should have a clear idea of potential growth areas outside of the traditional US real estate academic. Allied disciplines, international members, etc. we must find ways to attract these groups. The number of international PhD students that attend our conference is evidence that the international market should be a prime source of new members.

  2. ARES has much to offer its members but networking is probably the most valuable asset that we have. We need innovative approaches that will increase the value of the ARES network and more effectively market it. Ideas for an evolving and truly innovative annual meeting. (One idea may be to have a minimally conflicted open session where members can put forth a research idea, that is truly just an idea, and seek both input and potential collaborators.)
  3. Someone that has significant contacts within related organizations as well as the ability to create strategic alliances with them.
  4. The Chair should be based in the US.
  5. Need a likeable, persistent, organized extrovert for this position


Committee Charge: Develop and implement a dynamic plan and procedures to increase the academic membership of ARES.

Chair Duties and Responsibilities: At a minimum the chair with committee members should complete the following activities.

  1. Strategically identify and solicit ARES members for the committee. ARES members with connections to allied and international associations or those in a related discipline would be particularly valuable to the committee.
  2. With committee members develop both short and long-term objectives for the committee. 
  3. Submit clearly defined and achievable objectives annually to the Executive Director.
  4. Keep the President-Elect informed on the progress of the committee throughout the year.
  5. With committee members create detailed structure of what can be done on a regular and ongoing basis to retain existing academic members. 
  6. With committee members develop implementable strategies designed to attract new academic members.
  7. Implement and carry out strategies, in coordination with the leadership of ARES, to achieve committee’s membership goals.
  8. Identify related academic disciplines and associations with which ARES may develop mutually rewarding relationships. Develop and implement a strategy for creating and maintaining these relationships.
  9. Develop ideas that would involve the entire membership of ARES in the expansion of the number of academic members. (For example, a procedure to encourage every ARES member to reach out to a colleague in a related discipline at their institution and extend an invitation to do a paper for ARES or possibly a joint research project destined for presentation at an ARES meeting.
  10. Keep all members of the committee involved in achieving committee objectives.

The term of this position is 5 years, renewable by mutual agreement with the ARES Board Executive committee.

A vice chair or co-chair should be sought to assure continuity and institutional memory.


Our Mission

To research and promote education in real estate, improve communication and exchange of information in real estate and allied matters among college/university faculty and practicing professionals, and facilitate the association of academic, practicing professional, and research persons in the area of real estate.

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