Editor's Report

Journal of Real Estate Research


(April 2011)


By: Ko Wang, Editor, City University of New York


After many years of tireless effort, JRER was finally included in the SSCI survey starting in 2008. We have tried to increase the Journal’s citations by making sure that JRER papers are read not only by real estate scholars but also by scholars in other social science related disciplines. In this regard, the only advantage JRER has over the other two real estate journals (included in SSCI) is our use of the website to increase our exposure in cyber space (through free downloads).


I used the exact phrases “Journal of Real Estate Research”, “Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics”, and “Real Estate Economics” to search the Scholar.google.com site on March 24, 2011. I found 6,620 exact entries for JRER, 9,950 exact entries for JREFE, and 8,660 exact entries for REE. This is an acceptable result since both REE and JREFE are supported by publishers (and they have established effective tools to handle the promotion of their journals), while JRER is not. JRER has a very frequently visited site.  I had set up a counter on the JRER website on September 15, 2001. As of March 24, 2011, the site has attracted 194,210 visitors.  This for sure has increased the impact of the papers published in JRER and has attracted more submissions to our Journal.


Click here to view the table summarizes the 12-year data on acceptances and submissions to the regular issues (excluding special issues) of JRER.