Editor's Report

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education


By: William Hardin III, Editor, Florida International University


In 2011, the journal will run one volume of two issues. Both issues of volume 13 were published on schedule in calendar year 2010 and both issues of volume 14 will be published as scheduled. The first issue of volume 14 was published May/June and the second issue is going to press for delivery in November/December. The journal Editors are Bill Hardin and Shelton Weeks with Sean Salter as Case Editor. Correspondence can be directed through jrepe@fiu.edu.


The journal’s acceptance rate for 2010 was 20.8%. The number of papers submitted is flat and the acceptance rate bounces based on the number of submissions. The number of unique submissions was slightly ahead of prior years in 2010, but is down slightly for 2011. The journal wants educationally oriented papers, especially those that follow standard methodologies used in educational research. We also need applied papers that are well-written and rigorously assessed. These should be geared to academics and high level professionals. Our objective is to provide an outlet for well-written and empirically investigated papers. Survey oriented research is acceptable provided the survey is properly constructed and administered with results that are of potential interest to the readership and are not narrowly focused. Finally, the journal mission does not include opinion papers and is focused on research that has an empirical or analytical component.


JREPE provides an opportunity to remain active in research while enhancing teaching and application. The discipline needs this and we all need to be active learners and researchers for our students and for accreditation requirements. JREPE provides a rigorous, peer-reviewed outlet for these activities.