Editor's Report

Journal of Real Estate Literature


By: David Harrison, Texas Tech University

Mauricio Rodriguez, Texas Christian University and Michael Seiler, Old Dominion University


JREL is different from most academic journals in that it is composed of several sub-sections with different purposes. While these sub-sections have changed over time, the emerging format of the journal will contain the following sub-sections: (1) Review Articles that provide an overall understanding of what has been done in the past on a particular area within real estate, and what should be done in the future; (2) International Articles to share research from under-developed markets and in regions of the world where ARES sister societies do not exist and service with their own journals; (3) Data, Methods, and Technology, a newly revised section of JREL that helps promote real estate research through sharing with authors where to find data to help carry out their studies, how to conduct methodologies that are commonly enough used to be relevant to a wide readership, but not so common that the methodology need not be explained, and to share the latest in technological breakthroughs to keep readers up-to-date; (4) Authors, titles, and dissertation abstracts are shared in the Doctoral Dissertations section. The section editor scours various sources to locate all dissertations relating to real estate that might be of interest to JREL readers; (5) Book Reviews are provided in the next section, followed by (6) an indexing of Current Journals.


JREL articles have historically been heavily cited and are a great way to increase your visibility in the field.  Submission of papers should be sent to each sub-section editor as follows: Review Articles: The Editors, JREL@ttu.edu; International Articles: Graeme Newell, g.newell@uws.edu.au; Data, Methods, and Technology: Sofia Dermisi, dermisi@roosevelt.edu; Book Reviews: Tom Musil, tamusil@stthomas.edu).  


During the 2010-2011 academic year, our flagship “Review Articles” Section received 31 submissions, of which 4 have been accepted for publication for an acceptance rate of 12.9%. We continue to work toward improving response times for submitting authors, and strive to have the majority of initial submissions decisions processed within 6-8 weeks. The average turnaround time for submitted manuscripts is currently 49.8 days. As always, we welcome your submissions and will work to ensure JREL continues to be an importance resource for real estate researchers, teachers, and practitioners.


Dave, Mo, and Mike