Editor's Update Report

The Journal of Housing Research


By: Leonard V. Zumpano, Executive Editor, University of Alabama

& Ken H. Johnson, Editor, Florida International University



The Journal of Housing Research enjoyed a successful 2010. The quality and quantity of submissions continue to increase. The editorial team continued to make significant progress in term of reducing the processing time for submissions. This progress is the result of the efforts of the JHR Editorial Board as well as many other ARES members who have been willing to provide timely reviews of manuscripts. These critically important contributions are greatly appreciated. The acceptance rate for the journal remains approximately 20%.


The Journal of Housing Research has enjoyed a successful 2011 to date. There have been some significant changes to the journal’s editorship team. Leonard V. Zumpano remains as Executive Editor and is joined by Geoffrey K. Turnbull and Ken H. Johnson as Co-Editors. The new Managing Editor is Justin D. Benefield. The new editorship team would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to Shelton Weeks (now at the Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education) for his dedication and service to JHR over the years. The recent success of the journal is due in great part to the hard work of Shelton Weeks.


Submissions have increased over the last year, and the overall quality of submitted articles is steadily increasing.  Additionally, the quality and timeliness of the reviews continues to improve.  This progress is a result of the continued efforts of the JHR Editorial Board and the ARES membership. The critically important acceptance rate is now slightly below 20%.  Over the next year, the editorship team looks forward to a continued improvement in the flow and quality of articles that center around core real estate and urban housing topics -- pricing, duration, probability of a transaction during a given marketing span, brokerage, buy versus rent decisions, market liquidity, market health, housing development, and housing crisis analysis, among others.