Message from the Director of Publications


By: William G. Hardin III, ARES Director of Publications and 

Director of Real Estate Programs, Florida International University


The American Real Estate Society (ARES) supports six (6) journals, a newsletter and annual meeting focused on rigorous analysis of real estate issues. Access to full-journal articles is accomplished with membership in the Society. To join ARES please click on the Link in the header of this page titled “Join ARES”. Individual journal subscriptions are also available, but the most cost effective way to access our cutting edge research is via membership.


To access all our journals, please click the Link titled “Access ARES Journals”. This will provide access to our master journal page and additional access to all journal content. Our journals include Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, Journal of Housing Research, Journal of Sustainable Research, Journal of Real Estate Literature and Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education.


The American Real Estate Society also publishes a Monograph Series which can be accessed via the Link title “Monographs”. The latest issues of our Newsletter are available via the “Newsletter” Link.



William Hardin III, Editor

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education

Department of Finance and Real Estate

Florida International University

11200 SW 8th Street RB 208-B, Miami, FL 33199