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ARES 2015 Conference

Our April 14 - 18, 2015,  Annual Meeting will be held at the waterfront Sanibel Harbour Marriott in Fort Myers, FL. Expect perfect sunsets from your spacious room lanai or at ARES waterside social functions. April is SW Florida's best weather month, not too hot and definitely not chilly.
The hotel features an award winning spa, tennis courts, three large outdoor swimming pools, pontoon boat, kayak jet ski and bike rentals, fishing, hiking nearby nature trails and many other activities. The hotel will operate a complimentary shuttle service to a beach on Sanibel Island during several days of our meeting. You can check out the hotel at




2014 ARES Conference Highlights

 David M. Harrison 2014 ARES Program Chair


The 2014 ARES Annual Meeting on Coronado Island (San Diego), California was another overwhelming success.  Once again, we set a new all-time attendance record, with over 300 papers and panel presentations across 79 conference sessions.  Another marker of success, despite having a record 9 concurrent sessions in each time slot, average attendance per session increased 30% from last year.  Thus, not only are we growing the size of the discipline, but we’re doing so while maintaining a quality product offering that is of interest to a broad base of ARES constituents. READ MORE or View the Conference Photo Gallery

Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management
Call for Papers

Editors Peng Liu (Cornell University), Greg MacKinnon (Pension Real Estate Association), Simon Stevenson (University of Reading)
The Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management (JREPM) is an official publication of the American Real Estate Society (ARES). The Journal's purpose is to disseminate applied research on real estate investment and portfolio management. JREPM endeavors to publish research covering all four quadrants of the real estate universe (private equity, public equity, private debt, and public debt), and strives to present research covering real estate markets globally. A goal of JREPM is to publish research that is both academically sound and of value to practicing institutional real estate investment professionals. The Editorial Board of JREPM is interested in expanding the frontiers of scholarly research in real estate investment and portfolio management and is willing to work with any potential author who is developing new and exciting ideas appropriate for publication in the Journal. READ MORE

  Update on The Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE)


Go to and you will find archived journal issues as well as green newsletters, green data bases, links to various scorecard systems from around the world, many green resources including trade associations, legislative trends, case presentations including many net zero energy case studies, reviews on building designs, systems and features and state of the art buildings.   Please contact Norm Miller with questions at .


Beracha, Hardin & and Johnson Buy vs. Rent Index

Index Description and Third Report


The Beracha, Hardin & Johnson Buy vs. Rent Index is an index designed to signal whether current market conditions favor buying or renting a home in terms of wealth creation over a fixed holding period in a particular market relative to historical market conditions and alternative investment opportunities.  As of March 2014, the index is available for the United States as a whole and four additional key cities (New York City, San-Francisco, Miami and Denver).  The index is published twice a year (March and August) and spans from 1981:2 (end of December 1981) to 2013:2 (end of December 2013) and will expand every six months there afterwards.  Note that just as Case-Shiller experiences a two month lag, the BH&J Index experiences virtually the same time delay due to the time necessary to calculate the most current index values. Read the entire Article and Review the index Click here



By: Michael J. Seiler, Professor of Real Estate & Finance
The College of William & Mary

It is my great honor, privilege, and pleasure to serve ARES this year as the President-Elect. I will attempt to give back to ARES the countless benefits it has given to me over the years. While this will not be possible, I look forward to trying. Another unattainable goal of mine is to be a mentor and friend to people the way Jim Webb was to me. I want to continue to convey the openness of ARES and welcome all serious academics and practitioners no matter their background. ARES is a thought-leading organization and a beacon in the profession.
I will do my best to encourage a new generation of scholars to team with those of us already carrying the torch lit by the great folks who came before us. In short, I look forward to continuing as a humble servant to ARES, the organization that has helped so many people help so many others.

Steven Laposa, James R. Webb American Real Estate Society Foundation, Director of Development

Earlier this year I sent out an email blast that asked a simple question, “…do the numbers 20, 43, 32, and 45 mean anything to you?” I replied that these numbers are not random rental rates for some obscure real estate market but individuals, people you’ve seen and will see at our annual ARES conferences. Who are they? The first three numbers represent the number of doctoral students who attended the last three ARES conferences and 45 represents the expected number of doctoral students scheduled to attend our San Diego conference this April. Read more