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2017 ARES Program

Register Now for ARES 33rd Annual Meeting

Register now for the 33rd ARES Annual meeting. Make sure you have your ARES login credentials to complete registration..

Looking to join ARES, you can download the registration form and return it with your membership and registration payment or join online then register for the meeting.

Beracha, Hardin & Johnson Buy vs. Rent Index
The Beracha, Hardin & Johnson Buy vs. Rent Index is an index designed to signal whether current market conditions favor buying or renting a home in terms of wealth creation over a fixed holding period in a particular market relative to historical market conditions and alternative investment opportunities.

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2017 ARES Annual Meeting

Exceptional World Class Water Awaits You in Coronado

Our April 4 - 8, 2017, Annual Meeting will be held at the recently renovated waterfront Coronado Marriott. This hotel, an invigorating seaside escape, is one of the most spectacular sites where an ARES Meeting has been held. Expect warm weather, sunny skies, a friendly, welcoming vibe, tasty locavore food and drink, an exceptional event ! This is a meeting that you do not want to miss.
There's a certain energy at the resort that will rejuvenate you. The totally renovated property is sparkling and fresh. ARES attendees can enjoy a brand new spa as well as a new fitness, yoga and Pilates studio. ARES receptions, breakfasts and lunches will include much fresh, locally grown food. Professor Norm Miller has volunteered to be ARES Sommelier and he will be selecting various California wines for your enjoyment. World famous San Diego area craft beers will be on tap as well.

Located in the picturesque coastal village of Coronado, the resort celebrates World Class Water as ARES does. Shopping, restaurants, waterfront walking paths and gorgeous beaches are all nearby. An inexpensive, fun and challenging municipal golf course abuts the resort. A water taxi or Uber will quickly take you to downtown San Diego if you need to be there. 
Many other San Diego attractions are easily visited as well.As a world-famous resort getaway, Coronado has been the destination of presidents and of kings, of Hollywood stars, and of visitors from every corner of the world. It has been an inspiration for L. Frank Baum’s classic “The Wizard of Oz.” But at its core, it is still an easy going small town with tremendous cultural and historical roots, an enchanting blend that makes Coronado both uniquely and endlessly attractive. In many ways, Coronado offers charms similar to the more northerly Carmel but without the chilly ocean breezes often experienced up there... READ MORE


President's Message

The American Real Estate Society (ARES) continues to be focused on the creation and dissemination of knowledge. ARES publishes six journals and provides an opportunity for researchers to contribute studies that enhance policy and business decision-making. Its annual Meeting is a highlight for real estate researchers. The organization is proud of its contribution to both the academy and industry.
In order to continue to move ARES forward in knowledge transmission, we are improving our journal websites, introducing an automated submission system for all our journals and making sure that our journals are compatible with the newest article tracking and citation monitoring programs. Quantification of research output is of greater importance than in the past and the internet provides many opportunities to monitor the impact of research. As the President of ARES for the 2016-17 academic year, I strongly urge all members and prospective members to become active in the research area, either by doing research or reviewing the work of others. The organization is overwhelmingly volunteer oriented by design. Active participation of our membership is required for us to sustain the organization.... Read more